Our Matcha


Japan is known to produce the highest quality matcha because of the many perfect cultivating regions throughout the country. Our desire to serve the matcha market with the most flavorful, colorful, and rejuvenating matcha, motivated us to travel directly to Japan to explore and investigate the different regions and variations of matcha. Through personal taste testing and quality assurance we were able to find the highest quality matcha that we feel best represents MatchaGiMatchaGi works exclusively with independent family tea plantations in the city of Nishio, Japan. Nishio is in the heart of the Aichi prefecture which is one of the oldest and most well known matcha producing regions in Japan. The stable climate, fresh water, fertile soil and remoteness of Nishio, nurtures tea leaves that are bright in color, sweet in taste and full of nutrients.


In all of Japan, only a few dozen tea farmers possess the exclusive knowledge and skills necessary to produce pure, high quality matcha tea. MatchaGi ensures a high quality matcha by working with the top tea farmers in Nishio, Japan that are recognized as the industry leaders and pioneers in the matcha market. This allows us to offer our consumers with the highest standards in quality, food safety, hygiene, and compliance with international regulation (which includes the use of organic cultivation, organic pesticides, and microbiology). We are thankful to be able to work with our partners to offer such a high quality matcha.