Our Company


Our Mission: Provide high quality matcha, at an affordable price, while also educating on all the amazing benefits of matcha.

Our Vision: Deliver a natural product that gives the energy, focus and nutritional benefits to live an active, passionate and healthy life.

Our Name: The name MatchaGi was created from the combination of two separate words, 'matcha' and 'gi '. Matcha is a Japanese green tea and gi is the Japanese word for uniform. (For example, a karate gi is the traditional white uniform used in karate.) We believe that every individual has his or her own gi (uniform) that they "wear" everyday. Your gi is your passion, your motivation and your desire. We believe that matcha can give you the focus, energy and motivation required to continually pursue whatever your gi may be! So our question to you is, 'What's your Gi?'