Feature Friday - Cal Supik

Everyone has a passion, or what we call your 'gi' (pronounced 'GHEE'). So what does 'gi' even mean? Well, in Japanese, the direct translation to English is 'uniform', but we view gi in a more abstract sense. Your gi is the symbolic 'uniform' you put on each morning to continually pursue that passion, day in and day out. These passions could be anything from athletics to art, from music to metal working, from wake boarding to rock climbing, and these passions change and grow just as each individual changes and grows.

My newest passion happens to be competing in triathlons. This passion stems from an urge for competition and my desire for a fit lifestyle. As most athletes can relate, competition, and the adrenaline rush that comes along with it, is what pushes us to our physical and mental limits. Setting goals, and crushing them, gives me the confidence and satisfaction that can not be compared to much else. This is why I train for such a physically and mentally challenging sport.  

When pursuing these passions, in my case training for triathlons, what we use to fuel us is one of the most important aspects. Matcha gives me the energy, and focus, to continually pursue my passion. It allows me to get in early morning runs and swims (without crashing later in the day), as well as maintain my endurance for long bike rides on the weekends.

While training for triathlons is not my only passion, it has been my newest adventure, and has been quite a ride so far. In all my passions in life, what I use to give me the extra edge is so important and I have found that matcha truly has helped me pursue all my different passions with the clean, natural energy and focus required to be at the top of my game. Thats my GI

- Cal   

P.S. We would love to hear more about whatever YOUR gi may be!! Send us a message on social media, tag us in a post, or hashtag #whatsyourgi to show off your gi!

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